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Gospel Transformation of All Creation
Delta Fellowship Church is a non-denominational church located in  Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, the heart of the Mississippi River Delta. We strive to be a church that applies Historical Orthodox Christianity to our contemporary context in our ministry philosophy and model. 
Our ministry philosophy can be summed up by the statement 'Gospel Transformation of All Creation.' We believe that the problem with the world is sin and God’s remedy for sin is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is through the power of the message of the gospel that God is transforming all of creation.

That is why when you come to Delta Fellowship, whether it be Sunday worship, Community Groups, Sunday School, or Bible Studies you will find that our music, prayer, teaching and preaching is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture.  

Worship Service 10:30am Sunday Morning

You can e-mail us at:

Delta Fellowship Church 276 Richmond Hill, West Helena, AR 72390
phone: 870.572.1120
fax: 870.572.1102